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« When I started my business, I used different contractual agreements from different sources, » Silkoff says. « This led to a lot of headaches overall, when the legal formulations weren`t consistent or when a particular model didn`t match what I wanted for my business. » With respect to the customer`s use of the self-service solution, UserZoom will provide the following related services (together with the « RelatedServices »): The Queen of All Saints Academy, a K-12 Catholic school in Brooksville, Florida, needs a user-friendly and affordable video communication service. Zoom allowed the Queen of All Saints Academy to launch its online program. READ MORE >> The customer recognizes that its networks, devices, software and services used to access the self-service solution must meet the operating system, browser and Internet requirements available on www.userzoom.com/system-requirements/, as UserZoom can update them from time to time (the « system requirements »). The zoom service sticks to the standard maintenance and change-of-service process where possible. The changes are listed on the State page of the Berkeley system: systemstatus.berkeley.edu/ UserZoom provides the customer with the after-sales service described on www.userzoom.com/customer-support/ (the « Customer Support Exhibit »). To protect your business, it`s a good idea to know about these common and important agreements. Zoom service interruptions that affect major campus stores or are identified as having an impact on a department or the entire campus will be responded by the Zoom Service team as soon as they become aware of the outage. For more information on Zoom outages, visit status.zoom.us/ Carahsoft serves as a master government aggregator and distributor for Zoom. Through this partnership, we are providing public sector organizations with easy access to the wide portfolio of zooms. More info… If the client wishes support for research, establishment, top-line data analysis, results organization, reports or other services (together « Professional Services »), these professional services must be identified in the appropriate order form or in a separate work statement (a « SOW ») for the fees set out in this document. All SOWs will resume and be subject to the provisions of this agreement.

The response time for incidents and service requests is published here: berkeley.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0013436 customer agrees that UserZoom may use the customer`s content and study content to make the Services available to the Customer in accordance with Section 5, including and without restriction by displaying customer content to subscribers and customer users. Notwithstanding Section 9, UserZoom may provide confidential customer content to UserZoom service providers who act on UserZoom`s behalf in providing the self-service solution; provided that service providers (i) are subject to confidentiality obligations that are essentially as protective as this agreement and (ii) UserZoom are liable for any breach of this contract by these service providers. A cloud-based collaboration service that includes video, audio, content sharing and collaboration. If a lawsuit is brought against the client, who claims that the self-service solution participates against a patent, the entity that was granted on the date of entry into force, or against the copyright, trademarks or trade secrets of a third party, will hold, defend and unscath the customer of any damage, loss, liabilities, invoice, expenses and expenses (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees and expenses) (« loss » incurred by the client in connection with such a right to counterfeiting; provided that UserZoom is not bound by this sentence, as such a violation is due to (a) the use of the self-service solution in combination with technologies or services not provided by UserZoom ( b) violation of Section 3 (c) or (c) of the customer`s content.