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If FedUni has an ongoing relationship with an external provider that offers multiple, regular, and consistent internships for FedUni students, the WIL Coordinator must apply for a global student internship agreement. All global agreements must be requested through the law firm using a legal form request. Ongoing clinical placements for FedUni students with external health care providers in the public and private health sectors follow the guidelines of the student placement agreement provided by the Victoria Department of Health and Social Services. Katrina is in her 3rd year of nursing studies. As part of her course, Katrina must complete at least 4 weeks of work experience at a registered hospital in her state to graduate. Katrina turns to her local hospital as they already have an existing relationship with their university and have regular student internships. The internship is authorized by her university, and Katrina understands that it is a learning exercise and that he is not paid. Since the regulation corresponds to the definition of a professional internship according to the FW law, it can be unpaid. If the internship does not meet all the above criteria, it is not a professional internship under the FW law. However, this does not automatically mean that the person is an employee and is entitled to remuneration. The next step is to determine whether the person is in an employment relationship or not. Mitchell chose his chosen courses to study the following year as part of his bachelor`s degree. One of the courses of choice is a 3-month unpaid internship organized by the university at a host institution that offers a structured learning experience related to one`s degree.

This investment counts as a credit to meet all of its course requirements. Since the prime internship is part of his studies, Mitchell`s internship meets the definition of a professional internship under the FW Act. Since this regulation corresponds to the definition of a professional internship under the FW law, it can be unpaid. The single placement agreement must be uploaded to InPlace so that it can be viewed and used by university staff. .