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Buyers should be careful to protect their interests when cooperating with designated agencies. What Single Agent Dual Agency does is create a conflict between a real estate agent and a seller/buyer, where the goal is to close the transaction – NOT to do what is best for one of the parties. The problem is that your thought is stupid. An agent of an exclusive buyer agency is no better equipped to represent a client than someone in the same company as the stockbroker. I was first laid off in 1980, age 24. In the first six months, I had serious doubts about the agency alternately and I even wrote a few articles on how not to allow it. 39 years later, we`re still talking about it? LOL These « double transmitters » do not want to touch the subject. There are very few known people in real estate who claim that the duale agency is good for clients. In fact, many experts wonder why dual agency is legal in some states. The reality of this dual agency is that the agent is placed in an impossible situation, a situation where he or she cannot meet the requirements of a realtor® who serves a client.

A. A senior broker or supervisory broker may designate, as a designated agent or agent, several licensees related to the broker to represent different clients in the same residential real estate transaction, with the exception of all other licensees of the company. The use of such designated representatives or agents does not constitute a dual agency or representation if a designated representative or representative does not represent more than one client in a specific real estate transaction; However, the awarding entity or broker overseeing the transaction is considered, in accordance with this article, to be representative or representative of two orders. Designated agents or representatives must not keep confidential the personal or financial information the client received from clients during the intermediation relationship, as well as any other information that the client requests during the brokerage relationship, unless otherwise required by law or if the client agrees to share it in writing. Total disagreement. There`s a big difference! In a single duale agency, you have an agent who tries to represent two parties with conflicting objectives – that`s totally impossible. For more information on how the agency works alternately, click here. The designated agency is a money term that you need to understand. Here`s what it means. Is the alternating agency really the problem or lack of training in how the alternating agency can be used effectively? I think lack of training is the real problem.

Dual agency offers agents another option when working with clients in transactions. Although many agents do not have a customer database, some do – usually top producers or agents in the top 5%. That is a bit of an exaggeration in this statement from the duale agency. He does not talk about anything else that we do in the agency alternately, creating trust work, planning inspections, preparing inspection notices and amendments, investigating, working with the lender on finances, managing securities and surveys, etc. That is a bit of an exaggeration in this dual agency statement. It is not anything else that we do within the dual agency, put escrows in place, plan inspections, prepare inspection notices and amendments, conduct order statements, work with the lender on financing, look after securities and surveys, etc. It looks like you`re just sitting around and crossing your fingers until the check comes! We still have a fiduciary responsibility to both parties, even though we cannot disclose confidential information. As long as it has been disclosed to both parties, it may be in the interests of both parties if a competent representative manages the agreement to ensure that it is concluded for both parties. The designated agency refers to a situation in which the buyer and seller each have their own agent, but both agents work for the same company