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To the extent that you have doubts about the rejection of your claim, there is no such provision. If they prove that they are the heirs of the deceased, they are entitled to evict you / extend your stay in the premises by concluding a new contract (their choice). The court noted: « Over the past 30 years, the parties have argued. More than a generation has passed, but the case is still on trial. Therefore, in order to put an end to this dispute, especially if the following courts already consider that there is no rental between the plaintiffs and the defendant, we cannot deny the legitimate right of the owner or his successor to own these premises. such a rental. Therefore, in the absence of a contrary provision in the law, all the heirs of such a tenant would follow in his footsteps after his death. However, one could say so about red. Balinohan Gopal Kurup, 1990 STPL (LE) 15802 SC = (1990) 4 SCC 700, suing after the death of the primary tenant, without respondent No. 1, son and the.

Appeal of a decision in Shambhudayal v. Suleman, 1978 MPLJ 541, in which this court ruled on the death of tenant heirs. Sir, you seem determined to get more rights just for the landlords, but you have to be fair and equitable, today the landlords in India are difficult and play chaos, so they have to be systemic to protect the tenant too.. .