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In 1945, under Chapter XII of its Charter, the United Nations established the International Guardianship System for the Supervision of Guardianship Territories under the authority of individual agreements with the administering States. Without prejudice to a specific section 43 agreement or agreement, any trust agreement may provide for a strategic area or area that may include part or all of the fiduciary territory to which the agreement applies. Rwanda and Burundi are the states that come from this territory. 1 The fiduciary system applies to the territories of the following categories which may be admitted into this category through fiduciary contracts: the Guardianship Council has not been responsible for colonial territories outside the fiduciary system, although the Charter establishes the principle that Member States should manage these territories in accordance with the welfare of their inhabitants. In March 1948, the United States proposed to clean up the territory of compulsory Palestine, with the end of the British mandate in May 1948 (see proposal for the American Trust for Palestine). However, the United States has not attempted to implement this proposal, which has been undermined by the state of Israel`s statement. The guardianship system does not apply to territories that have become members of the United Nations whose relations are based on respect for the principle of sovereign equality. The 1995 Commission on Global Governance report recommends an extension of the Board of Trustees. [Citation required] Their theory is that an international regulator is needed to protect environmental integrity and global commons on two-thirds of the world`s surface that are not national jurisdictions. [4] The United Nations, under its authority, establishes a system of international guardianship for the administration and surveillance of territories that may be located there through subsequent agreements. These areas are referred to as fiduciary territories. The loyalty agreement between the United Nations and Belgium is available at the following address: the trust agreement includes, in all cases, the conditions under which the fiduciary territory is managed and designates the authority that administers the fiduciary territory.