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Tableau Desktop Professional Package – Data analysis and visualization software. Thanks to its simple functionality with the help of dragging and dropping objects with the mouse, the application allows users to combine a variety of dynamic tables and databases, as well as create interactive visualizations and information panels on their base. Programming skills are optional. So I had a great app case for Tableau Online and bought a few user licenses. I bought three tickets – two for Blue Canary employees for publishing and one for a client. The purchase process was pretty harmless, and I expected the setup to go well, as I know Tableau Server inside out. When I started the installation process, I received the dreaded request « Click here to indicate that you agree with our terms and services ». As a customer data manager, I can`t do the iTunes thing and put the control box blindly. So I started reading the EULA before accepting it. And that`s it, I got to section 2.6 and I did a bit of a double take: I don`t love you so much anymore, @tableau. The EuLA for Tab Online allows you to aggregate and own my Anon data.

Oh, really? pic.twitter.com/2nxcWt4jJB I signed up for Tableau Online this week. To understand why this was a great thing for me, let me give you some background information. First, I love Tableau. I have been a powerful user for over 5 years. If you`re doing some sort of data wrangling, I invite you to give it a try. While Excel has always been and has always been a great tool for studying data, Tableau plays in a completely different league. It allows you to view/live/feel/reflect/play data in so many ways with so little effort. This is a big advantage if you`re trying to understand the story behind a data set. The biggest trade-off I`ve always said about Tableau is that it`s a great analytics tool (for studying data), but it`s a bad enterprise data tool (for sharing data with others). When you create phenomenal visualizations, your sharing options are limited: @mjshark @tableau We use aggregated metadata to understand and optimize Tableau Online.

But we don`t see a customer`s data – it`s up to you. I think I`ll write another one about how to choose the licensing model, unless you have specific questions. @BlueCanaryData @tableau No date estimate, sorry. www.teplodigital.org/eligibility_criteria/tableau_restrictions If you are in the scenario where you have done great analyses and want to share with 2 or 3 others, your options are very limited. That is, until the arrival of Tableau Online.. . .