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The Bursar office now offers SMS notifications for students and authorized users! Sign up today via the e-Bill – Payment Suite for SMS reminders for new billings, scheduled payments, payment due dates… Financial blockage: I understand and agree that if I do not pay my student account or my money owed to the University of Utah Valley until the due date, Utah Valley University may limit my right to register or receive other university services (including transcripts and diplomas) in accordance with university guidelines, until I have fully paid for all the remaining fees. DROPPING/WITHDRAWING FROM COURSES: I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to drop my own classes if I decide not to participate and continue to understand that I must cancel my courses and/or file a 100% refund period, or I will be responsible for all tuition and fees. Each student must read and accept each of the following five statements in order to register for the UVU. For students who wish to establish their program and/or enroll in the course with the Schedule Wizard, acceptance of the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) is registered for all TERMS opened in the assistant. Each student must read and accept the following three declarations to register with the UVU: I understand and agree that if my student account exceeds the end of the semester for which I receive a fee, interest of 1.5% per month (18% APR) applies to my outstanding balance. I also understand that my offender account can be reported to one or more national credit reporting offices and handed over to an external collection agency. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: I agree to pay all tuition, fees and other related fees resulting from my registration and/or future drop/add activity, and I understand that accepting these conditions is a payment commitment. With respect to the issues described here, this agreement replaces all prior agreements, representations, negotiations and correspondence between the student and Utah Valley University, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties on the issues described above, and should not be altered or influenced by a transaction or embodiment. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is written and signed by both the student and the university. Each change is specifically limited to the guidelines and/or conditions outlined in the amendment.

Our goal is to help students understand the cost of their training and the financial policies associated with enrolling in RIT. The SFRA, in conjunction with the Student Financial Services website, e-statement account information, letters and other documents, helps explain the university`s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of our policies regarding billing, payment delays, contact methods, etc. I recognize that it is my responsibility to evacuate my classes if I do not plan to participate. I understand and agree that I have to stop my courses before the 100% refund period as it was published on the student roadmap, or I am obliged to pay all tuition fees. You will find deposit procedures in www.uvu.edu/registration/add-drop-withdraw.html. I understand that it is my responsibility to track the status of my financial aid award and to ensure that I have all the necessary requirements to obtain it. I agree that it is my responsibility to ensure that it was credited to my student account on the first day of class and that I am responsible for the balance that is not paid by my aid price. I understand that it is my responsibility to make other payment terms until my assistance is paid if no financial assistance has been offered to me before the payment deadline.