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You can only use these programs in conjunction with the software authorized here. If you do not accept the licensing conditions for these programs, you cannot use them. 20. TOTAL CONSENT. This agreement (including the warranty below) and the conditions for supplements, updates, Internet services and support services that you use are the whole agreement for software and support services. 4.5 SQL Server Service Reporting Element. Power View and SQL Reporting Services Item include the use of Bing Maps. You can only use content provided by Bing Maps, including geocodes, in Power View or SQL Reporting Services Map Item. Your use of Bing Maps will also be subject to the definitive Bing Maps Terms of Use under go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9710837 and the Bing Maps privacy policy under go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=248686. These licensing conditions apply to the use of all Microsoft software and online services as part of your volume licensing agreement. (8) Unauthorized transmission – only if you purchased the Software with an accompanying hard drive, you can only transfer it under the following conditions: the resale of the software is only permitted if it is a complete software copy, i.e. by handing over your own use of the purchased copy, you have the right to transfer these rights to use the hard drive to third parties in accordance with the terms of the existing contract between you and O.O.

2.5 Running Instances of the additional software. You can run or use any number of additional software instances that are listed in the physical or virtual OS below on any number of devices. You can only use the additional software directly or indirectly through other additional software with the server software. If the passive server provides data, z.B. reports, to customers or performs other « jobs, » including additional backups, it is considered active and requires its own license. It is very important that you have a way to prove when your servers are passive, because software auditors think that all your servers are active when you have the opportunity to accept it. SQL Server offers a variety of virtualization and cloud benefits that allow you to save money when granting a database license and maintain flexibility when putting them in the database.