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The following pay schedules reflect the increases in the six-year collective agreement (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2019) between BCTF and BCPSEA [including the Economic Stability Dividend (ESD)], which were: September 1, 2014 – 2.0%; January 1, 2015 – 1.25%; May 1, 2016 – ESD – 0.45%; July 1, 2016 – 1.00%; May 1, 2017 – ESD – 0.35%; July 1, 2017 – 0.50%; May 1, 2018 – ESD 0.40 per cent – 1.00%; July 1, 2018 – 0.50%; May 1, 2019 – ESD – 0.75% – 1.00%. This bulletin describes the roles that CUPE performs for K-12 members and, in particular, what this means for AAs. CUPE National Reps, Specialist Reps and Sector Co-ordinators help nationals negotiate collective agreements and enforce collective agreements. The school district includes many different communities, as well as four First Nations groups. We have a strong focus on literacy, computational capacity, social responsibility and vocational training. The Board of Directors follows an inclusive model with hiking professionals who support Dener in their neighborhood school. CUPE 523 has two municipal social services and three school district units The District includes the municipalities of Malakwa, Sicamous, Grindrod, Enderby, Ashton Creek, Kingfisher, Armstrong, Spallumcheen, Falkland, Ranchero/Deep Creek, Silver Creek, Salmon Arm, Tappen, Sorrento, Celista, and Seym Armour. July 1, 2020 – 2.0% (plus 1% extra for members who are at the top of their network); July 1, 2021 – 2.0% (plus members of the first year of work who accept a contract start in the second stage of their salary schedule). SD67 www.sd67.bc.ca/Restart/Pages/default.aspx#/- applicants who benefit from smaller and more welcoming schools will like our school district, as well as those interested in professional development.

Once the work day is over, there are plenty of art, recreation and competitive sports opportunities for all seasons. Did we talk about the weather? The beautiful sun? The lake? Mountains? If you are interested in a job in School District 83, but you see a vacancy notice, you can send a CV with your vouchers to apply@sd83.bc.ca. For more details on the Economic Stability Dividend (ESD), see LE 14 of the 2013-19 Collective Agreement. SD53 www.sd53.bc.ca/apps/pages/COVID-19Informationandresources Welcome to Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside.