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A lease is the most common agreement in Zimbabwean law that allows for the occupation and use of real estate for a limited period of time. It grants the tenant, for a specified period, exclusive ownership under the conditions set out in the rental contract. For common law purposes, a right of usufruct may be granted by a holder of property for the lifetime of the right holder. One. You can break the lease after each 3-year period. You are not entitled to compensation from the owner. You must give the owner a period of 6 months. You need to follow the right form and procedures. The penalty for non-compliance is postponed by a period corresponding to the duration of performance of the contract concerned by the period protected by law.

As things stand, the effect of the clauses seems to be automatically postponed from the expiry date of the contractual obligation of a duration equal to the legal period, if the agreements were concluded before 12 March 2020. One. The landlord can ask the tenant to pay for water, elevator and general maintenance of the building. The fees must be the actual costs. The owner cannot charge for main construction or roofing work. The terms of the draft lease should be carefully examined. Regular leases are much more common than inheritance contracts. While a regular lease allows the tenant to use (exclusively) the property in question, the tenant on the ground has the right to use the property and benefit from it. An inheritance tax would be, for example, a lease for a farm, including all machinery, or the right to harvest grain. In general, most of the legal provisions relating to ordinary leases also apply to inheritance contracts. In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, some cantons have adopted a separate law on the rental of commercial buildings and commercial premises, which provides for other rules for such rental contracts.

Yes, the French Commercial Code allows parties to conclude agreements that do not have the status of commercial leases. This is especially true for lease contracts by agreement, which must not last more than 3 years (not to be confused with precarious professional contracts, commonly referred to as granted rentals). .