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Contracts for Residence Halls, Arroyo Vista and Campus Village are concluded online and require a $350 booking fee. Connect to the purchase gateway (link in the email of the contract offer) to access your contract. Please note the completion time in your residential offer email, as the offer expires as soon as the deadline is reached. Booking fees must be paid for the conclusion of the contract. Caution, application fees and administrative fees: the applicant intends to deposit a refundable amount of addendum (except in the summary of rental standards) whose receipt is confirmed and which can be refunded in accordance with the rental agreement. The applicant understands that he is charged a unique NON-REFUNDABLE application fee, and a non-refundable annual administrative cost of off-set operating costs (with recovery balance due for year one and each year from the date of rent renewal). Please note that housing contracts are legally binding documents that require holders for the duration of the contract. The courses listed in this catalog are designed as a general review of the University of Colorado Denver`s programs on the Denver campus. Courses and programs can be changed at any time.

Not all courses are taught every semester and teachers who teach certain courses or programs may vary from time to time. The content of a course or program may be changed to meet certain class requirements. If you`re on one of the « Have you ever… by « yes » … Questions, please give below all the details about the reason you answered « yes » which may contain, but not limited to one of the following amounts: amounts due to what you were sued; and/or, if applicable, the year, place and nature of criminal and/or sexual offences that are not resolved by release or acquittal. Please note that other facts need to be discussed before making a decision. Vista del Campo, VDC Norte, Camino del Sol and Puerta del Sol manage their own rentals. For information, contact these communities. Co-ed life is allowed in this community. Management must be notified of your interest in residing in a co-ed apartment, and it must be listed as such in your application and your housing profile before signing All rental documents, otherwise one of all gender units that stand will be applied. Leases for the Graduate-Family (Palo Verde, Verano Place and Campus Village) accommodation are made on paper and require payment of a $150 deposit and an estimated rent for the first month prior to moving in.