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Boris Johnson and Andy Burnham spoke on the phone as they tried to thwart a financial support deal. Mayor Andy Burnham has written to the Prime Minister reaffirming the « willingness » of local leaders to reach agreement on stricter blocking rules. Negotiations continued beyond the 12-hour deadline set by the government, but ultimately failed without agreement on additional financial assistance to the region. In December 1998, BTG/BIG leaders held consultation talks in Arawa and confirmed in a joint statement their commitment to previous agreements and statements. Opposed to the imposition of provincial government reforms in Bougainville, they agreed to adopt the Constitution of the new Bougainville Reconciliation Government (closed december 24) and the creation of a People`s Congress in Bougainville by December 31, 1998. In January 1998, the peace process returned to New Zealand, where negotiations between the PNG government and Bougainville leaders culminated in the Lincoln Agreement. This formalized the Burnham II agreements and established the process and timetable for peace, security and development. The formation of the Bougainville Reconciliation Government, the elimination of arms and the consequent withdrawal of the PNGDF from Bougainville, the abolition of the bounties and the granting of amnesty and pardon to the BRA were also agreed. This was followed by the ceasefire agreement signed in Arawa on 30 April 1998.

« I have therefore informed the Prime Minister that these talks ended without agreement. » « Tonight we have written to the Prime Minister confirming our willingness to continue our efforts towards an agreement, while reminding him that Greater Manchester has been subject to Tier 2-style restrictions for almost three months and that this has required measures of human history and the company`s history. Talks between the government and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham have failed without agreement. The very fact of being away from home has influenced Bougainville`s leadership in many ways. In foreign environments, Bougainvilleans were thrown against their common ethnic and national identity and forced to acknowledge the cost of the conflict. These achievements were supported by the broader experience of the participants. A visit to the traditional Maori village of the Maori and the wisdom of the maori clan leaders inspired the Bougainvilleans with their dive into the anti-colonial struggle of the Maori. New Zealand peace agreements, such as the Watangi Treaty, have brought hope for unity and reconciliation among the Bougainvilleans. « I am disappointed that, despite the awareness of the seriousness of the situation, the Mayor of Manchester has not been prepared to take the necessary measures to control the spread of the virus in Greater Manchester and reach an agreement with the government, » he said. City Secretary Robert Jenrick had previously confirmed that negotiations had been concluded without agreement, meaning the region would likely enter the « very high » alert level without the agreement of local leaders. In his speech after the talks ended without agreement, Burnham said local leaders in the region will not be offered enough help to protect the population with the « punishment » that lies ahead.