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2 General agreement#adjective between the members of a specific group or community, each of them. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Definitions of words in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Substantiv COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES reach agreement/consensus (= agree about something) ▪ Experts do not seem to reach a consensus on this point. COLLOQUIA OF THE CORPUS ■ Apparent adjective ▪ The Government`s commitment to a positive reform of the. The conditions of use are governed by French law; they may be modified by FSolver in the event of a change in the regulatory and legal context; In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and execution of any of the provisions of this agreement and without an amicable agreement between the user and FSolver, only the Lyon courts are competent for the dispute. fsolver.com is a search engine for crossword puzzles and arrows. Linguistically, the Apaches are part of the large Athapasque family which, according to the consensus of opinion, originated in the Far North, where many tribes of the family still live.