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The legal requirements also require an air carrier or PSC to make an access agreement or amendment agreement with an access applicant relating to a reported service available to the ACCC within 10 days of the written request. (section 152BEB, CCA). The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is an industry-funded organization that was created to investigate and resolve complaints from private customers about telecommunications services and corporate access disputes. Participation is mandatory for all air carriers and most transportation service providers, unless the ACA is excluded from the ACA. Competition has significantly undermined our market share in domestic remote and international telephone services. A number of our competitors have their own switches, sell access and transmission capabilities, and sell services primarily from Optus and us. Smaller competitors generally sell only full services. The ACCC has broad powers to determine which services competitors have access to, and the conditions under which we grant that access. The ACCC manages the Trade Practices Act (TPA), regulates competition in general and protects consumers, and also contains specific provisions for the telecommunications sector. The ACCC manages the telecommunications access regime, anti-competitive control rules, as well as our retail rates and price control agreements. ACCC Quarterly Report about access agreement template (XLSX 25.58 KB) In its response to the ACCC 2018 discussion paper on « A Code of Access to Telecommunications Transmission Towers, Sites of Towers and Underground Facilities » (ACCC), NBN Co found that there were ambiguities in the previous process when an access researcher completed the installation of his equipment on another aircraft site.

She submitted that the certainty of this process would help to ensure that applications could go through the queue. The scope of the SAU is defined with respect to the access service and covers all layer 2 wholesale services currently provided by NBN Co via the Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite networks™. The Minister of Communication can establish a price setting setting of the mandatory principles for setting access prices that must be respected by the ACCC. To date, no setting of the Minister`s price has been adopted. NBN Co`s Special Access Undertaking (SAU) was adopted by the ACCC on December 13, 2013. The SAU is an important part of the regulatory framework governing nBN Co prices – as a wholesale telecommunications network, it can be charged for the services it provides to telephony and internet companies in retail, as well as for other conditions. In its final report, the ACCC recommended the introduction of a « use or lose » principle whereby carriers that reserve capacity on chain towers or tower sites would lose that capacity if they did not begin ordering and/or installing equipment on that tower or site within 24 months of the adoption of their application on that tower or site. The ACCC believes that this time frame is sufficient to allow air carriers to prove that they have genuine plans to use any reserved capacity. It is also in line with industry advice on the usual length of a carrier`s future work plans and the time Telstra currently gives airlines to access their mobile sites to begin construction activity after their application has been approved. The ACCC also plays a role in the access system; in particular, it participates in the resolution of access disputes, the registration of access contracts and can assess and accept commitments made by declared service providers. Wholesale services originally intended for and stopping access and transmission services are important for the provision of national long-distance transport and facility-based international telephone services.